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new twidroid widgets leaked

new twidroid widgets leaked -- said to be released early next week 

First Android-Powered Vehicle Hits Production

It’s in digital photo frames, cell phones, and even netbooks, Google Android 2.1 operating system is quickly establishing itself as a reliable and great basis for many electronics.
British car manufacturer Roewe has now implemented Android 2.1 into their latest vehicle hitting production — the 350. It is the first vehicle in the world to come Android-equipped.
Before you even think about remote starting the 350 from your DROID, the Android implementation is minor, to say the least. Essentially, the car’s DVD/GPS system runs the latest Android kernel, and will allow drivers to access real-time traffic reports, access to the web, and even online chat.
Android, Google’s open source mobile operating system, has evolved past being just a platform for mobile phones, finding it’s way into digital photo frames, satellite navigation units, tablets and even laptops.
Highlighting the versatility of Android, a new product that started production yesterday which is slightly bigger than most Android powered devices; the Roewe 350, has become the world’s first Android equipped automobile.
The car features a DVD/GPS system that runs on Android 2.1, the latest kernel release from Google. The system will enable drivers to gain access to real-time traffic reports and allows for direct web access from within the car. Being constantly connected, the car also allows the driver to be contacted via online chat, which could be an interesting point for road safety groups.
For those not familiar with the Roewe brand, the company is an amalgamation of the Chinese company SAIC and the old British car manufacturer Rover/MG. According to TwitTown, SAIC bought the Rover 25 and 75 models in 2004, just before MG Rover went into administration, producing the cars in China under both the MG and Roewe names.
It’s not known quite how the car will be connected to internet, whether it will feature an inbuilt 3G card or allow third-party wireless WAN cards.
The Roewe 350 is due to be officially launched at the Beijing Auto Show next month.

[ via TNW ]

Coming soon- Unrevoked Application to break NAND!

The Unrevoked team is putting together an application that will make it easy for any person to root their Evo and Incredible. This has been a long time coming 

My Custom Droid Boot :)

Took the Verizon Droid X commercial converted, and shortened it to make my custom Droid boot animation it's not fully finished but here take a look I will try to up the quality in the future release "Tested and it works"

Droid X Commercial the boot is riped from took out the end part

Download it Here!

If you post this any where else please show credit back to me & my blog thanks

Motorola i1 android phone for boost mobile

Description: The Motorola i1 is the first Android iDEN model. It runs Android 1.5 touchscreen measures 3.1 inches with resolution of 320x480 pixels accelerometer and proximity sensor. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, A-GPS and 5 part of the features included here's some pics

Vodafone Updat

Vodafone Update gives you access to all status updates of your Twitter, Facebook or MySpace contacts in one app It's free and also works on MOTO DROID I tested it seems like an alright app check it out in the market or here

DROID X On Motorola’s Website

Verizon and Motorola are sure taking all the steps necessary to prepare for the big announcement of their two new Droid’s next Wednesday. The latest, a dedicated page for the Droid X at Motorola’s website.
This is also our first official look at the new Motoblur 2.0 which for whatever reason includes the Froyo Tip widget, but apparently is only running Android 2.1. Can’t wait to find out the real goodies on Wednesday

CyanogenMod-5.0.8 has landed!

CyanogenMod-5.0.8 for Nexus One, Droid, Dream, and Magic has arrived!

This is by far the BEST CM release! So much good stuff in there that you won’t even know what to do with it. And ADW Launcher is now the default launcher! This is another huge milestone for the Android community.

Check out this CHANGELOG!


Nexus One (XDA)
Dream & Magic (XDA)

Note that for Nexus One, the Froyo radio image is REQUIRED.

All versions are available from ROM Manager, and the Nexus One build is currently available from CM Updater also.

Have fun!
Android Quick App: Trapster

A social drivers network. Who would have thought that such a thing would ever exist? If you check out the app Trapster and live in a major city, you’ll see that there is definitely a social network for the commuter crowd.

The idea of the app is to warn drivers of speed traps, patrolling officers, and any presence of authority that may catch you doing whatever illegal deeds you choose to do while on your way home. Pretty interesting, that’s for sure.


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